Rachel is a photographer currently living and working in London.
She was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.


+44 (0) 7979180097

“Rachel Gordon got me feeling loss. The physical ache of absence, located somewhere inside, rooted I imagine among the organs and nameless nerves. Such a simple image: a hollow in the base of a tree – a hide-out, a down-low place where a person once was or might still be. The hollowness of the trunk is the hollowness you can feel yourself. Art does this for me more than life has yet. Grasses wear to dust at the entrance. The hollow returns a little later in the sequence, up close, after a square of mud and a field of bronze-lit ferns. There are peaches and white cloth, a plant in a pot beckons you over – so small among surrounding sheets of white. Loss is what photography and writing will always share. The subject is forever absent. The moment always evades the words.”

2020 – BA (Hons) Photography, London College of Communication UAL

2020 – Winner FotoFilmic JRNL 6 (guest edited by Emma Bowkett)
2020 – Winner Simon Biship Prize

2020 – UAL Graduate Showcase, Online
2020 – ‘Adrift’, 2020 Collective, Safehouse 1, London UK
2019 – ‘Environ’, 2020 Collective, Copeland Gallery, London UK
2019 – ‘Loading...’ The Art Academy, London UK